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Elbaite is Australian owned and operated.

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Trade freely with Elbaite, Australian Crypto Exchange

Wallet to Wallet, the best way to trade Crypto

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Wallet to Wallet Transfers

Cryptocurrency is digital currency that can be used for many financial purposes, from investment to online transactions or to participate in blockchain games.
The Australian crypto exchange Elbaite allows buyers to purchase cryptocurrency from trusted sellers securely. We use a self-custody trading model and do not hold any crypto at any point during the transaction process.

As traders purchase their crypto tokens, storing them in a crypto wallet is best for added flexibility and security. Other reasons you might want to consider a crypto wallet include:

• Efficient portfolio management
A crypto wallet can help you keep your portfolio organised if you plan on investing multiple cryptocurrency tokens. These wallets can give you a clear overview of your stash, helping you make more strategic trades.

• Seamless trades
Using a wallet can also simplify the trading process, as investors can buy from and sell coins to other investors directly from their crypto wallets on Wallet to Wallet Australian crypto exchange markets such as Elbaite.

• Options to suit your trading style
Crypto wallets are available as either hot or cold wallets. Hot wallets allow you to store your coins on software or a browser on your computer, while cold wallets store your data offline for example, on a device like a hardware wallet.

Wallet to Wallet is the secure way to trade Crypto.

When you buy with Elbaite, the Crypto is transferred straight from the seller's wallet to yours! This means no withdrawal fees, more simplicity and greater control.

Enjoy complete trading freedom with Elbaite. Use any Crypto wallet and trade confidently, knowing your Crypto is with you at all times.

Once you receive your Crypto you are free to access all your favourite DApps such as DeFi and NFT applications straight away!


Buy with Confidence

When buying with Elbaite, simply transfer the AUD into our Australian bank account where it is securely held in escrow to fund your transaction.

Elbaite then verifies the seller's Crypto transfer using the Blockchain (TxHash). Only when the transfer has been confirmed will the AUD be released to the seller, making trading safer for everyone!


We are Transparent

Elbaite is a non-custodial Australian crypto exchange platform that gives users total control over their keys and tokens. You'll be free to conduct peer-to-peer trades confidently and securely with our unique Wallet to Wallet solution.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency among Australians. Not only do we provide cutting-edge trading technology, but we also seek to empower our customers through insightful content and minimal fees.

When buying Crypto with Elbaite we like to keep things simple and transparent. We have no hidden fees! We only ever charge a 1% commission on transactions.

No withdrawal fees. No deposit fees. No hidden fees.

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